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Dedicated to providing the highest standard and quality
About TrimWorks2000

We are a small business focussing on quality rather than quantity


For as long as I can remember I have been interested and taken pleasure in the longevity and usability of my own personal items..... This has spilled into business and now I get to enjoy providing others with that same feeling. Owning something that is unique to you or has been been tailored to fit your exact needs is something I recommend everyone experiences. Taking pride in the item and appreciating the personal elements will allow a possession to bring you much more enjoyment than any standard off the shelf item.

Tim Lennon

Great to work with and fully delivered on everything we discussed, looking forward to sending in another pair.


Our knives are better than when new and I got them back the next morning.


Andrew Carlisle

It hadn't even crossed my mind that I could get my favourite shoes rebuilt with a more suitable style sole for my lifestyle. definitely having my boots upgraded next time, Thanks Matt

Priscilla Upton

I had snapped the tip off one of my knives and wasn't sure if it could be saved, pleased to say it is not only a neccesary repair I actually prefer the new shape and it came back very sharp, 

I wanted something different for my boots and mat fully explained my options with pros and cons..... totally worth getting them done!

Andrea Bellvue
Ben Smith
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